Lower City

In few places is the divide between the working class and the aristocracy so literal as in Easthaven. The wealth of the new world may come in through the Lower City, but it is quick to move up the cliffs into the Upper City, leaving the commoner with little.
- Robert Black, Innsmouth Scholar

The Lower City portion of Easthaven is dominated by the dock facilities through which the colony thrives. Prior to the discovery of Eduria it was primarily devoted to fishing boats to support the small population, but has now expanded into a major dock used as a port of call on the way to the new world.


The Lower City is nestled in a cove inside the natural harbor on the south side of the island of Easthaven. It is surrounded by water along the south side and cliffs wrapping around most of the rest of the city, leading up to the Upper City. Only along a small part of the west side is there a walkable hill allowing access to the rest of the island.

The city has seen rapid growth since the discovery of Eduria and the Easthaven Accord. The majority of the southern portion of the city is taken up with docks and warehouses servicing the growing traffic in and out of the city. The residential portions are often slums or near enough to it, although some upcoming merchants and tradesmen live in better quality neighborhoods.

Along the cliffs of the north side, there are a series of large cargo elevators designed and built by the Dwarves of Karak Azam as a gift in the Accord. The elevators are powered using the falls from where the Miskaton River flows down into the cove. These are used to move masses of goods from the docks up to the Upper City.


Most of the Lower City population is human, and a majority of them from Haven, a reflection of its colonial origins. As it grew with the Easthaven Accord, more races and cultures have begun to settle here seeking the opportunity to either benefit from the increased traffic or to eventually move on to Eduria itself.

Dwarves have a notable conclave having sent many to build the elevator system initially. Unlike many of the other residents these dwarves are rich enough and esteemed enough that they could likely find residence in the Upper City, they prefer to remain closer to where the real work is.

Elves are a fairly rare sight in all of Havensport but especially rare to be living in the Lower City, most moving to the Upper City upon arriving. More common are half-elves scattered throughout the human population.

Gnomes, half-orcs, and tieflings all have some representation, gnomes most so.

Lower City

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