“The astounding discovery of Eduria had the potential to tear the world, and particularly the still nascent colony of Easthaven, asunder. It was only through the diplomatic cunning of Obed Marsh, then leader of the Easthaven colony, that the world was able to avoid a terrible conflict.”
~ A Treatise on the Easthaven Accord, Brother Whatley of the Dunwich Historical Society

Easthaven is a relatively small island far to the east of Haven and other civilized lands. It was a small colony of Haven, now booming due to the discovery of the new continent. Easthaven is of vital strategic importance as the extreme distance of Eduria requires Easthaven’s use as a supply point.


Easthaven is an island of approximately 300 square miles. Most of the island is covered in a temperature coniferous forest spread across increasingly steep hills leading up to a collection of mountains surrounding the active volcano Mount Dygra in the northeast.

The other significant feature is the southern coast which forms a perfect natural harbor and coastal area where the city of Havensport is settled. This harbor is formed by the southern side’s steep cliffs forming a protective arm around an inlet large enough to establish a bustling dock city.

The flora and fauna of Easthaven is remarkably similar to that of Haven itself with a very similar climate of relatively cool temperatures with frequent rain and fog. This has made it easy to adapt farmland to the west of Havensport providing a self-sufficient food source for the settlement to date.

The remarkable similarity of Easthaven to Haven has been of significant debate to scholars. A myriad of theories have cropped up including:

  • A sunken land mass connecting them
  • A result of proposed astral tides
  • An ancient system of open teleportation gates
  • Various machinations of illusive conspiratorial groups



Easthaven was first discovered by Jonathan North of Haven in 603 FE. The people of Haven are often dismissed as particularly strange due to their obsession with dreams and the most common seemingly shared dream they had was of a great gateway or key waiting far to the east. It was common for wealthier benefactors to fund expeditions to search the vast seas to the east in pursuit of this dream.

While the initial discovery was significant news throughout the world, the actual importance was deemed limited. The island was extremely remote, pushing the limits of a ship’s range with no unique benefits compared to the existing known world. As such, the initial colonists were only from Haven, and most of which were followers of the Ordo Claustrum.

It wasn’t until explorers based out of Easthaven discovered Eduria in 642 FE that Easthaven became a valuable asset to the world. Members of the Ordo Claustrum pushed for further expeditions out from Easthaven drawn by increasingly powerful dreams they claimed. An expedition by Henry Annesley made landfall on Eduria and managed to return to report the findings. The news exploded through the world but the remote nature made Easthaven the only means to reach Eduria.


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